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What is solid surface?

Solid surface products are made from man-made and natural fillers, a blend of  polyester and acrylic resins. The resin is vacuum mixed with polyester and acrylic color chips then poured into molds to be formed into sheets and heat post-cured. The material starts out as a liquid then molded so it is the same material all the way through. This is how it gets the name solid surface.


There are different brands of solid surface products such as Gibraltar made by Wilsonart Corian by DuPont and many other brands.

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You have  over 200 colors to choose from!

AmeriStone will build to meet your needs.

We have colors that resemble granite.

Color options

Can I use different colors?

Natural granite?

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What's the size of a backsplash?

Do you offer installation services?

What about bathroom sinks?

4 inch backsplashes are standard, but we customize.

Yes, we'll fabricate and install it all for you!

We offer a full variety of quality bathroom sinks.

It is recommended that counter top material be ½ inch thick to provide durability. Material that is sprayed or less than ½ inch does not provide the qualities of a true solid surface material.

How thick is the countertop surface?

Most people think of DuPont Corian when they hear the term solid surface. DuPont was the first company to make solid surface. Now that their patent has ran out there are many manufactures and brand names that are the same material. The International Cast Polymer Association established the term solid surface to encompass all materials that are made from man-made and natural fillers and either a polyester or an acrylic blend of resin. With the popularity of other surface such as engineered quartz material and natural granite those industries have adopted the name solid surface.

What type of material does AmeriStone sell?

AmeriStone offers two different types of back splash a standard and a coved splash.


Standard Back splash is when you have 2 pieces of material and the backslash is caulked to the counter top. This caulking may have to occasionally be replaced as with any caulking. The standard splash is included in the price of your counter top.


Cove Back splash is when the material is part of the counter top. This process is done in the shop as part of the fabrication of the counter top. There is no caulking on the counter top and not any of this process takes place in your home.


Cove Back splash is a 3 step process that takes additional time and labor therefore, this is considered an option. You are paying only for the time and labor because you have already paid for the material.

What are the characteristics of solid surface?

Solid Surface is a non-pours material that has been approved by the health department for use in food prep areas of a restaurant. With solid surface you have no open seams that are caulked and very little maintenance. You can use bleach and ammonia to sanitize and disinfect solid surface. If you get a stain such as food coloring you simply spray with the Clorox clean-up and wipe it off. There is no sealing the product.


If you use bleach or ammonia based cleaners on granite you will break down the sealer and leave microscopic openings for bacteria to seep into the granite.

What are the advantages of solid surface over natural granite?

It is not recommend that you set a hot pot on the counter top and leave it there. It is not recommended that you set a hot pot in an area such as by the stove all the time.


This can cause discoloration of the material over a period of time. AmeriStone provides you with trivets to place in these areas to help prevent against any problems.


It is recommended that you use a trivet with feet for crock pots, electric skillet and George Forman Grills. However, remember that Solid Surface is renewable and any color changes can be buffed out. AmeriStone doesn't recommend setting hot pots on Quarts, Solid Surface or Granite.

Can I set a hot pot on solid surface?

Anything can happen. The product should not break under regular use. It can be repaired if it does break. Repairs are usually inconspicuous.

Can solid surface break?

All AmeriStone countertops have a 10 year warranty. This covers damage that may occur from normal use of the product in the way that it is intended. Included is the manufacturing, fabrication and Installation of the product. This warranty is transferable with the sale of the home.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. AmeriStone is a full service company. AmeriStone will remove your old countertops as well as the disconnection of your plumbing, gas and electricity. The old countertops will be taken away and after installation AmeriStone will arrange for, plumbing, gas and electricity to be reconnected.

Do you remove old countertops?

They are also solid surface. They are made from solid colors.

What are sinks made of?

In solid surface the sink and counter top appear as one piece but, the sink is a separate piece fabricated to look as one. All of AmeriStone's sinks are installed to look as one piece.

Can I get the sink and countertop as one piece?

Do you make templates?

Yes. We make a template on every job that we make. This insures that the counter top will fit the cabinets. On occasion the old counter tops will need to be removed before we can make the template. If so you will be without countertops during this time. Normally the whole process will take 5-7 days, occasionally a little longer depending on size and special options.

Can I have a porcelain sink?

Yes. Porcelain sinks can be dropped-in or under mounted.

Drop-In  - An area is cut out of the counter top and the sink is dropped in and caulked.

Under mount - A stand is built and the sink is mounted to the stand then the counter top is set on top of the sink. With an under mount porcelain sink you do lose some cabinet space under your sink.

Can I have a stainless steel sink?

Yes. Stainless Steel Sinks can be dropped-in or under mounted.

Drop - In - An area is cut out and the sink dropped in and caulked.

Under mount - The sink is part of the fabrication of the counter top.

You will not lose cabinet space with an under mount SS.

With Porcelain and stainless steel you will have about a 1/8 “ area between the counter top and the sink where there will be caulking. With solid surface there are no spaces between the sink and the counter tops.

What is the difference between porcelain, stainless steel, and solid surface sinks?

Can I get different styles of sink?

Will the sinks stain?

How do I measure my countertop?

Yes. We have many different styles and colors of kitchen sinks that you may choose.

You measure along the backside of the existing counter top from end to corner and from corner to end. For islands and bar tops, you measure the length and the width.

The sinks will discolor from daily use of pouring coffee and teas down them.

Is this a permanent stain? No. This can easily be removed by spraying with Clorox clean -up which is a diluted product made by Clorox.